This Series is Like Your Favorite Bingeable Netflix Show

The Crime Beat: Miami (A Cole & Warren Crime Thriller Book 3)The Crime Beat: Miami by A.C. Fuller
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Well, I’m pretty much addicted to this series. It has all the appeal of a well-done TV show with a continuing storyline throughout the whole season and those really delicious cliff-hangers that make you immediately queue up the next episode even though it’s 11pm.

That’s how I felt when I reached the end of this book and read the preview of book 4. My family will be back soon from their Thanksgiving evening movie outing (and I really love that this book was just the right length for me to read from start to finish while they were away!!), so I probably won’t get to keep bingeing.

But I’d like to. And I intend to do so tomorrow.

(Content note for the more sensitive followers of my reviews: this is a thriller series. It has thriller tropes and content. There’s a smidgen of language, there’s violence and peril and crime, there’s references to some pretty bad crimes/criminals. None of it has risen to a level that has viscerally bothered me (one bit in this book is the exception, come to think of it), but that’s me *personally*. Read at your own discretion.) 😉

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