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Fair in War

What if the new barista was really a spy?

What if you were about to become one too... accidentally?

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Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick lives in an undisclosed location outside of Phoenix where she and her husband chase their four little boys. They don't chase their cat, however, because cats hate that. She is the author of The Accidental Cases of Emily Abbott spy series, The Kitten Files mysteries, and multiple short stories.

In addition to her writing, Perry enjoys reading, graphic design, playing a number of musical instruments, and watching movies that make her laugh.

Perry also writes as Denver Evans.

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Chapter 11

Emily woke up earlier than her alarm with a sense of excitement that reminded her of Christmas morning. It took her just a moment to remember why, but once she did, she grabbed her phone and checked for text messages from Izzy. There weren’t any, and she flopped back on her pillow, unsurprised. Izzy had […]

Chapter 10

“Wait… you do?” Emily asked. “What do you mean?” “Yeah, ‘Wizard’ is a code I learned from some kids’ secret code book when I was probably… 11?” “No way!” “Yeah, it’s super cool. My mom wasn’t sure about it because we didn’t do magic stuff when I was that young, so I tested different keywords […]

Chapter 9

Izzy called back almost an hour later. The noise level was significantly higher, and Emily realized her friend must have gone home after the class was over. She could hear Izzy’s little brothers in the background. “Let me try to get somewhere quieter. I promise it wasn’t this loud when I dialed you,” Izzy shouted. […]

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This book made me chuckle, kept me guessing, and was all around one of the most fun books I've read this year. Emily and Brent were great characters, ones I could easily spend time with and enjoy their banter.


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Red Rover, Red Rover

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Ever have an accidental adventure? Emily has and this one is the best one yet! Read all six, you wont regret it.


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Once Upon a Dime


Writing mysteries and thrillers that are just plain fun and can't help being humorous.